Six literary pun costumes to book for Halloween

Have some pun this Halloween!
Have some pun this Halloween!
Tracy Mumford | MPR News

Scrambling for a Halloween costume? These punny ideas came straight off the bookshelf.

Hold the eye rolls, grab the glue gun.

The Tell-Tail Heart

Edgar Allen Poe's raven is a standard go-to costume for anyone who owns black feathers, but if you have time on your hands and a modicum of crafting talent, you could don a sandwich-board of hearts and past on a tail (fox, donkey, dragon — your choice) to complete the macabre effect.

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Merman Melville

Don't just be a merman, be a merman that reads "Moby Dick."

Bone Didion

You'll need a skeleton costume, some chic sunglasses and a candy cigarette to pull off this skeletal nod to one of the most influential authors in American letters.

Have some pun this Halloween
Have some pun this Halloween
Tracy Mumford | MPR News

The Old Man and the "C"

Grab your favorite senior citizen — or your friend in a bald cap with a cane — and paste a "C" onto your shirt. Ernest Hemingway would obviously love this thoughtful homage.

George R. R. Martian

George R.R. Martin is really more of a fantasy guy, but you can add a sci-fi twist to the dragon-loving phenomenon with some green paint and alien antenna. Add his trademark suspenders, black hat and bushy beard (is that where he's hiding the next "Game of Thrones" book?) to channel the author.

The Grapes of Wrath

Inflate a fleet of purple balloons and attach them to yourself. Sharpie on their anguished and rage-filled expressions to finish the look. Try to make it out of the party with all your balloons intact.