Art Hounds: Ragamala Dance, Hmong fashion, dead poets

Ragamala Dance company
Ragamala Dance company opens up its Minneapolis studios this Saturday afternoon for "Ode to Navarathri," a celebration featuring open-studio rehearsals, cultural demonstrations and food tastings.
Courtesy of the company

This week on Art Hounds, Ragamala Dance Company opens up its studios for "Ode to Navarathri."

Former dancer Amber Walker is taking the whole family to "Ode to Navarathri," a celebration of art and culture hosted by Ragamala Dance. Inspired by the annual Indian festival of Navarathri, Ragamala is inviting friends to stop by Saturday afternoon to watch rehearsals, try new foods, and enjoy other cultural demonstrations. It's free.

Aleah Vinick, program specialist with the Minnesota Historical Society, is a big fan of "Fresh Traditions," an annual Hmong fashion show that combines cultural heritage with innovation and creativity. The only limitation on participating designers is that they must present at least one ensemble that incorporates the five fabrics used in traditional garments (including neon pink and neon green chiffon). The fun gets underway at 7 p.m. at A'BULAE in St. Paul.

Goldsmith Liz Bucheit recommends you check out the "Day of the Dead Poets Slam" this weekend in Rochester. The main event is a poetry slam in which people dress up as their favorite dead poets — Sylvia Plath, Kahlil Gibran, Maya Angelou — and perform their favorite works. But there are also opportunities to decorate sugar skulls, create your own ofrenda, and see an altar dedicated to Prince.

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