DFL party votes down resolution to oppose sulfide ore mining

DFL party members overwhelmingly defeated a resolution to call sulfide ore mining an environment hazard at the party's state caucus on Saturday. The issue has been kicked around for decades and would have opposed "sulfide ore mining" in Minnesota due to "unacceptable environmental impacts."

The proposal has come to represent a divide in the DFL party between strong labor supporters who don't want to steers jobs away from rural Minnesota and environmentalists, who see sulfide mining as a pollution threat.

Sam Weston of Duluth argued against the resolution. "Why should we choose between the environment and workers? What do we gain from adding this to our platform? Nothing. Do we, the party of inclusivity, really want to alienate a whole group of people by putting this in our platform? I saw no and so should you."

After about an hour and a half of discussion and argument over procedure, the measure was easily defeated.

DFL leaders urged party unity during speeches at the caucus, calling for a stronger focus on rural and labor issues.

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