Experts: Children lack access to mental health resources

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), one in five children between 13-18 years old have or will suffer from a serious mental illness.

But what help is there for those who need it?

Advocates with NAMI and Headway Emotional Health Services say there is a lack of mental health professionals placed in schools. The responsibility of addressing the needs of children with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges often falls on classroom teachers.

Three guests joined MPR News host Marianne Combs. They looked at the impact of undiagnosed mental health problems in children at home and in schools.


Bea Officer, a mother of two children with mental health issues. One has schizophrenia, the other severe ADHD.

Christie Haustein, supervisor with Headway.

Emily Piper, commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

To hear the full discussion, use the audio player above.

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