Shrimp boil and a triple sausage bloody mary: Here's the new food lineup at Target Field

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4 Bells Shrimp Boil.
4 Bells is offering a new shrimp boil basket with shrimp, corn, potatoes and sausage inside.
Evan Frost | MPR News

The Twins closed out 2016 with a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad record of 59-103. It's unclear if they'll be able to recover this season.

But at least there's the food, right?

On Thursday, the Minnesota Twins and their food service provider unveiled the newest food offerings for the year at Target Field. Here's a sneak peek at what's on the menu this year. For prices, click here.

Last year, the team's new fare included walleye tacos, fresh pretzel bites and Red Cow turkey burgers.

Ready to do your own taste tests? The Twins home opener is Monday against the Kansas City Royals.

This year's bloody mary

The Triple Sausage Sampler Bloody Mary
The Triple Sausage Sampler bloody mary sits with a view of Target Field in Minneapolis.
Evan Frost | MPR News

It's become something of a tradition for the Twins to introduce a new bloody mary each season. Last year it was the Cluck & Moo, a bloody mary with a buffalo chicken wing and bacon cheeseburger slider garnish. The year before that it was the College Daze, which is served with a slice of cold pizza.

For 2017, you get the Triple Sausage Sampler bloody mary, made with three kinds of Kramarczuk's sausages. Or, choose the Double Threat bloody mary, a combination of the Bigger Better Burger bloody mary and the Triple Sausage Sampler. Find the drinks at Hrbek's.

Speaking of Kramarczuk's, their sausages will also be featured in the Kurd-Marczuk: cheese curds and chopped Polish sausage served together in a bowl and topped with brown gravy. Find the cart in section 100.

New vendors

Say hello to 4 Bells, a Loring park neighborhood restaurant known for its southern comfort foods. They'll be serving up shrimp boil featuring shrimp, corn, potatoes and sausage from the Butcher and the Boar. Find the cart in section 114.

Meanwhile, The Cookie Cart will set up shop during Saturday and Sunday games throughout the season in section 101. The urban nonprofit bakery provides teens with work, life and leadership skills; a portion of the proceeds will benefit the organization.

Healthier options

The Herbivorous Butcher, which is pairing up with the MSP Kosher Hot Dog cart at section 129, is offering a vegan Sriracha brat and vegan Italian sausage.

The Herbivorous Butcher's vegan Sriracha bratwurst.
Vegans rejoice! The Herbivorous Butcher will serve vegan Italian sausage and vegan Sriracha brats.
Evan Frost | MPR News

Hot Indian Foods has expanded its menu to include the chicken tikka salad, featuring kale instead of the traditional rice base. Find the cart in section 120.

Meanwhile, Roots for the Home Team will have nearly 10 ethnic salads — created by urban youth from neighborhood gardening programs — for sale. The organization buys produce directly from local gardens, recruits young people from those programs to make unique salad recipes, then pays them to sell their product at sports venues or at grocery stores. Find them at Gate 34 on weekends.

Additions and reinventions

Several eateries are expanding their offerings for 2017.

New at Andrew Zimmern's Canteen-Skewers are flatbread sandwiches: choose from braised boneless beef short rib, Mediterranean chicken or braised pork shoulder. Each is served with roasted eggplant spread, herbed yogurt sauce and tomato-cucumber. Find them in section 114.

At the canteen's section 120 location is the Sloppy Ko, with Korean-style barbecue beef, kimchi and boiled egg served on a flatbread. For dessert, they're offering frozen white chocolate mousse.

Andrew Zimmern's Canteen's Sloppy Ko.
Celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern's Canteen's Sloppy Ko combines Korean barbecue beef, kimchi and boiled eggs into a sandwich.
Evan Frost | MPR News

Barrio chicken burritos and barbacoa and chicken tacos are new menu items this year at Senor Smokes, found in sections 105 and 305.

Murray's Steakhouse will have a new cart in section 116, which will serve fresh-shaved smoked beef sandwiches. They'll be served on a roll toasted with garlic butter and comes with house-cut seasoned fries.

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