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Bipartisan road trip for two Minnesota congressmen, following flight cancellations

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Screenshot from Rep. Jason Lewis' Facebook page
A screenshot from Rep. Jason Lewis' Facebook page shows a video of Lewis and fellow Rep. Rick Nolan on their drive back to Minnesota.
Facebook screenshot

Flight cancellations across the country gave two Minnesota congressmen a chance to bridge party lines.

Republican Rep. Jason Lewis and Democrat Rep. Rick Nolan flew together to Madison, Wis., and then hitched a ride back to Minnesota with Nolan's granddaughter.

A 10-minute Facebook video from their car trip shows them mostly talking about the flight cancellations, but they also found common ground on President Trump's decision to bomb an airfield in Syria.

"We found some agreement there, we both believe that this thing should go before the Congress of the United States," said Nolan.   "I do too. You don't want to escalate any military adventure before Congress exercises its Article 1 powers. That's why we're there," added Lewis.

Nolan and Lewis posted photos of their trip together, showing them grabbing a drink at a Washington, D.C. airport, eating at a diner during their car trip and, parting ways, as Nolan and his granddaughter drop Lewis off at his home, before they headed north.

Editor's note: (April 9, 2017) This story was edited to clarify the location where Rep. Lewis was dropped off.