Beer, but to get your attention on climate change

Some TV weatherpeople are taking a different route on climate change.
Some TV weatherpeople are taking a different route on climate change.
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Meteorologists take to local TV stations to talk about weather science everyday. But how often do they report on climate science? The truth? Not very often here in Minnesota. That's beginning to change. We tackle that and more on this week's Climate Cast:

Something unprecedented just happened in a California climate lawsuit. San Francisco and Oakland are suing major oil companies over the costly infrastructure needed to combat rising sea levels caused by climate change. For the first time, a federal judge has ordered both sides to present their view of the best current climate science, in court. Columbia University climate change law professor Justin Gundlach for the legal translation.

A climate solution in the heart of the city. A new solar array atop north Minnneapolis' Shiloh Temple is intended to bring jobs and clean energy. Keith Dent tells us about it.

Climate models might not capture your attention like chocolate or beer. That's the thinking behind Climate Central's Climate Matters program. Bernadette Woods Placky directs the program and creates climate science content for TV meteorologists. She tells us about her work.

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