Photos: Hundreds attend protest, vigil after police shooting in Minneapolis

Thurman Moore (center), the father of Thurman Blevins.
Thurman Moore (center), the father of Thurman Blevins, stopped by with his brother Manuel Moore (left) on the way to his daughter's funeral nearby. He stopped by to thank protesters for coming out and standing up for his son on Sunday.
Christopher Juhn for MPR News

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is investigating the fatal police shooting of an black man in north Minneapolis over the weekend.

The BCA said 31-year-old Thurman J. Blevins was armed and running from police officers Saturday, and that its agents found a black and silver handgun at the scene of the shooting.

Community members and activists have questioned the account of the death. They gathered Sunday for a protest at a police station and a candlelight vigil near the shooting scene.