Flaky situation: Wheaties, other General Mills cereals in short supply

General Mills' cereal are often out of stock
Lunds & Byerlys has posted notices to explain why several General Mills' cereals are often out of stock, seen here at their downtown St. Paul location on Thursday, July 26, 2018.
Martin Moylan | MPR News

If you want your Wheaties, you may have to wait a while. General Mills says it's been having trouble keeping stores stocked with that cereal.

There have been growing grumblings across the country about a Wheaties shortage, even in Minnesota.

Golden Valley-based General Mills would not detail the extent of the stocking problem or what's behind it. But a spokesperson assured that "the Breakfast of Champions is not going anywhere." He said that General Mills knows that people are having a difficult time finding Wheaties but said that the cereal should become more readily available on store shelves in about a month or so.

A spokesperson for the Lunds & Byerlys supermarket chain said General Mills has told the grocer that demand has exceeded capacity for not just Wheaties but also several other flake-based cereals — Fiber 1, Honey Clusters, Total, Basic 4 and Oatmeal Crisp. As a result, there are supply shortages for those products.

Notices to explain why several General Mills' cereal are out of stock
Lunds & Byerly's has posted notices to explain why several General Mills' cereal are often out of stock.
Martin Moylan | MPR News

"We have posted signs in our stores to help our customers understand why they might not see some of those cereals on our shelves," Lunds & Byerlys spokesperson Aaron Sorenson said in an email.

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