Photos: Red Wing's historic Sheldon Theatre reopens

The lobby of the Sheldon Theater.
1 Red Wing's historic Sheldon Theatre reopened over the weekend after a renovation of the 114-year-old facility. The theater went dark in May. 
Red Wing's Sheldon Theater was built in 1904.
2 Red Wing's Sheldon Theatre was built in 1904. The building has had numerous renovations but the last was in the 1980s. 
Nancy Dimunation introduces key speakers.
3 Nancy Dimunation, president of the board of directors, begins Saturday's program introducing key speakers. 
Murals have been cleaned and repainted in the Sheldon Theater.
4 Murals have been painstakingly cleaned and repainted. 
The walls and ceiling of the Sheldon Theater have been gold-plated.
5 In the lobby, the walls and ceiling have been gold-plated.