Gallery: Veterans healing through mask-making art therapy

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Army veteran Bill Kollada of Fargo, N.D
Listen Army veteran Bill Kollada has created two masks as part of art therapy offerings through the Fargo Veteran Affairs (VA) Health Care System. The 70-year-old Fargo, N.D., retiree spent one year and 60 days in Vietnam. This mask was made on Tuesday.
Ann Arbor Miller for MPR News

The Fargo Veteran Affairs Health Care System offers artistic mask making as part of an art therapy program.

On Tuesday, veterans participated in the art therapy program again, some for the first time, while others adding to their collection.

The meaning behind each mask varied, some being a channel to communicate feelings that they couldn't put to words, some remembering a fellow soldier who died in the line of duty. Others created art to show the progress they feel they made since seeking help.

We asked veterans to reveal the meaning behind their art. You can hear from the veterans about their mask by clicking "Listen" in each photo's caption

Editor's note: The following interviews share events that include violence or sexual trauma. Listener discretion is advised.