Walz to get job training with other new governors

Minnesota Governor-elect Tim Walz is heading to Colorado for a weekend seminar on how to be a governor.

The National Governors Association (NGA) regularly brings together newly-elected governors and their spouses from throughout the country for a bipartisan training session.

A spokesman for the NGA said topics covered during the Seminar for New Governors include “making the most of the transition period, leading and managing the administration and working with the legislature and major constituencies.”

The event runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Colorado Springs.

Walz, who will be sworn in as Minnesota’s 41


governor in early January, said he’s looking forward to the seminar.

“It’s governor-101,” Walz said. “Everyone who’s been through that, former governors, tell me it’s incredibly valuable in terms of getting you on the right foot.”

Walz has been working with his transition team and getting advice from other Minnesota governors on organizing the new administration. He said he has also been reading up on the duties of the new job.

“The manual, if you will, that was handed to me, the big thick binder of everything under the governor’s responsibility, (is) really helpful,” he said. “Because most of the things I’m reading I’m like yep, that’s a question I had and it’s answered right there on how we do it.”

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