'Sold!' Auctioneers compete in Moorhead

Scott Mihalic won the Minnesota Auctioneers Association Championship.
Scott Mihalic won the 2019 Minnesota Auctioneers Association contest Thursday in Moorhead. Mihalic lives in Ohio, but the contest is open to all auctioneers licensed to work in Minnesota.
Dan Gunderson | MPR News

When you hear an auctioneer, does it make your heart beat a little faster? Or maybe you're wondering: "What the heck are they saying?"

The Minnesota State Auctioneers Association is meeting this week in Moorhead, Minn. On Thursday night, they held their annual contest to choose the champion auctioneer.

The winner — Scott Mihalic — will spend the next year serving as a spokesperson for the association. He will also host next year's contest.

Click the audio player above to listen to David Whitaker, last year's champion and this year's emcee, alongside some other top-notch auctioneers, in action.

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