Art Hounds: Land, industry and the environment meet in 'Beautiful Sky'

Alexa Horochowski's exhibition "Beautiful Sky."
Alexa Horochowski's exhibition "Beautiful Sky" uses photographs, drawings, sculpture and video to explore our relationship with the land. On display through May 5 at the Rochester Art Center in Rochester, Minn.
Photo courtesy of the Rochester Art Center

Artist Kjellgren Alkire is looking forward to spending the next few months visiting the Rochester Art Center in Rochester, Minn., to see what each visit reveals about Alexa Horochowski's exhibition "Beautiful Sky." Horochowski combines photography, sculpture, video and prints to create a nuanced examination of our relationship with the land. Alkire says he finds her work to be incredibly thoughtful, subtle and elegant. The show runs through May 5 with an opening reception on Feb 2.

Composer Timothy Takach saw the Jungle Theater's production of "The Wolves" last spring, which was so popular that it's been brought back for a second run, this time at the Southern Theater in Minneapolis. The show follows a girls' soccer team as they prepare for a match. Takach said the show felt a musical score, with voices overlapping and multiple conversations happening simultaneously; the use of actual soccer balls and drills onstage added another level of dramatic tension. Performances take place at the Southern Theater from Jan. 31 through Feb. 17.

Actor Tod Peterson loves a really good one-person show — he's the force behind the long-running "A Christmas Carole Peterson." He's particularly looking forward to seeing Catherine Glynn in her creation "Miss Myrna Davenport's Poetry in Motion." It's an ode to unconventional English teachers in which the audience becomes the classroom; Peterson said it's a show full of heart that celebrates legends like Martha Graham and William Butler Yeats. Performances take place from Friday to Sunday at Open Eye Theatre in Minneapolis.

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