Can we have a nuanced debate about Israel?

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar's recent Tweet was met with cries of anti-Semitism. She apologized "unequivocally," but the firestorm rages on. In light of this situation, MPR News host Kerri Miller asked the audience: Is it possible to have a nuanced discussion about Israel's policies without delving into name-calling? How do we have enlightened conversation in a political arena that thrives on hair-trigger altercations and political caricature? When is criticism of Israel constructive and when is it not?

Kerri spoke with two experts: Logan Bayroff, the director of communications at J Street, a Jewish advocacy group, and Yair Rosenberg, a senior writer at an online Jewish magazine.


Logan Bayroff, director of communications at J Street, the "political home for pro-Israel and pro-peace Americans"

Yair Rosenberg, senior writer for The Tablet Magazine, a daily online magazine of Jewish news, ideas and culture

To listen to the full conversation you can use the audio player above.

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