Art Hounds: Brooklyn Rider joins Ragamala Dance at The O'Shaughnessy

Brooklyn Rider string quartet and Ragamala Dance share the stage Friday
Brooklyn Rider string quartet and Ragamala Dance share the stage this Friday at The O'Shaughnessy in St. Paul.
Courtesy photo by Erin Baiano

Dancer Dana Kassel is headed to The O'Shaughnessy to see Ragamala Dance and Brooklyn Rider. To be clear, Ragamala Dance is not performing to the music of Brooklyn Rider. Instead, each will perform for half of the evening on the same stage. Kassel says the two groups have more in common than one might think — both are taking classical forms and reinterpreting them for a contemporary audience. The performance takes place on Friday at 7:30 p.m.

Longtime language teacher Jim Peterson recommends checking out MotionArt's new show. It's called "Collabulous" because it features multiple "fabulous collaborations" with other local artists, including painter Edward Bock and composer Bruce Wintervold. Peterson says the dancers, who range from professional to lifelong hobbyists, span multiple generations and bring refreshing energy to the stage. "Collabulous" runs Friday through Sunday at the Howard Conn Fine Arts Center in Minneapolis.

Writer Jean Sramek is a big fan of "Gag Me with a Spoon," a monthly community story share at Teatro Zuccone in downtown Duluth. It's an evening of stories that range from funny to tragic to downright weird. Sramek says the audience is incredibly supportive, and the performance is a reminder of all the stories we each carry with us. "Gag Me with a Spoon" hits the stage next on Sunday from 7 to 9 p.m.

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