The future of NewsCut? We need your thoughts

Bob Collins speaks to colleagues at a retirement potluck inside of MPR in St. Paul on Thursday, May 30, 2019.

Bob, as he often did, challenged his editors.

That is a good thing.

NewsCut is Bob Collins -- in its humanity, snark, thoughtful, keen and often incisive writing.

So when he announced his retirement, we were left with a quandary: Do we continue NewsCut as Bob created it? Do we create something brand new and keep calling it NewsCut or do we retire the blog with Bob?

There's also a fourth option: We archive the blog and take some time to assess what comes next.

That was actually Bob's idea. He thought we should ask the journalists in the room what should come next. He challenged us, his editors, to get out of the way and let the best ideas come from the folks closest to the work. Classic Bob.

We are doing that.

But what a great opportunity to ask you, too: What do you want to come next? What is missing from our coverage? What don't you get enough of or want more of?

I hope you will leave your ideas and thoughts in the comments here or email me directly at or message me on Twitter @chrisgraves

Thank you for being loyal NewsCut readers and also supporters of MPR News.

Chris Graves is MPR News managing editor, digital

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