Good night and good news
Running out of things to say (along with health issues) was one of the reasons I gave when I informed people last year that I would retire on my 65th birthday. Today is my 65th birthday. And this is the 17,071st, and last, NewsCut post.
Storytime with Bob: A treat outside of the blog
Being a member of the MPR News staff for a little over a year, and located outside of the St. Paul office, I’ve only had the privilege to observe the NewsCut magic as many readers have, with interactions through emails and reading Bob Collins’ words. But the one time I got to meet Bob in…
Collins came in every day and made stuff that people wanted – really wanted – to read. That’s the best compliment anyone could ever get as a writer and reporter. He delivered the goods to the audience online and on the air.
Collins vowed to not write a goodbye post. We're not sure if's staying true to that, so here comes old friend Tom Weber "to sing a little on behalf of a friend who’s made immeasurable contributions to MPR and Minnesota."
This blog stood on the shoulders of a giant
Paul Tosto applauded, supported, defended, and created a fair amount of the material that found its way onto these pages, and he did so without getting or needing attention. At least until today.
Tell your story
The voice in my head, the feeling in my stomach, conspire to tell me the answer: nothing. Apparently, this is the day when I can't fool anyone anymore. I knew it would come sooner or later.