The intricacies of female friendship

'Supper Club' by Lara Williams
'Supper Club' by Lara Williams
Courtesy of publisher

Every week, The Thread checks in with booksellers around the country about their favorite books of the moment. This week, we spoke to Annie Metcalf from Magers & Quinn in Minneapolis.

If you tore through Sally Rooney’s “Normal People” or Stephanie Danler’s “Sweetbitter,” bookseller Annie Metcalf has another recommendation for you: “Supper Club” by Lara Williams.

“It’s a story about a young woman who isn’t very good at making friends,” Metcalf explained. She “makes a very intense friend at work, and they sort of become each other’s universe, and they set up this very bizarre supper club for women where they eat copious amounts of food and drugs and alcohol. And they do this all in spaces they go into in the dead of night.”

“It’s just this really sensual and bold exploration of female love and pain and appetite. It’s beautiful prose, really good insight on relationships, especially family and friendships, and a very satisfying and empowering denouement. It’s really great.”

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