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What’s a book ban anyway? Depends on who you ask
The term "book ban" is used a lot in media and elsewhere when addressing the rise in challenges to certain books being allowed in schools and public libraries. But is it more political hyperbole or a censorship alarm bell?
‘Beyond the Light’: Minneapolis artist Layne Kennedy reveals the stories behind photographs in new book
Visual artist Layne Kennedy has spent a career taking photos. Now, he’s collected dozens of his images — and the stories behind them — in a new book.
Ask a Bookseller: ‘We Mostly Come Out at Night’ edited by Rob Costello
Emma Presnell of Carmichaels Bookstore in Louisville, Ky., recommends a brand new short story collection that was released just in time for Pride Month.
In ‘Fire Exit,’ a father grapples with connection and the meaning of belonging
Morgan Talty’s debut novel is a touching narrative about family in which the past and present are constantly on the page as we follow a man’s life, while also entertaining what that life could have been.
With Maybelline Mocha and an Afro wig, white author explores ‘Blackness’ in a new book
Reactions have been brutal to Canadian writer Sam Forster, who disguised himself as a Black man and traveled the U.S. to document how racism persists in society.
Minnesota’s own Leif Enger joined MPR News host Kerri Miller in Red Wing this week for a Talking Volumes conversation about his new novel, “I Cheerfully Refuse.”
The story of a poet’s heart: How a collection of poetry survived its author’s death
“Chamber After Chamber,” Saara Myrene Raappana’s debut poetry collection, reflects a decade of dedication and was published shortly after her death from cancer.
Minneapolis library offers books, but also snacks, socks and a safe space to sleep
Libraries have long had social workers embedded in them. The need for libraries to connect people with resources beyond books isn’t new, but the Minneapolis Central Library is engaging in an experiment that welcomes those experiencing homelessness and even offers a place to sleep.
Alua Arthur says facing death is the key to living well
In her work as a death doula, Alua Arthur has been present for thousands of deaths. Her new book, “Briefly Perfectly Human,” says facing your mortality is the best way to live a purposeful and joyful life.
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