Emily Bright

Emily Bright

Weekend Host, Art Hounds and Ask a Bookseller producer

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As a weekend host and newscaster, I get to be one of the voices you hear on-air, connecting you with breaking news, weather events and community stories. When I'm not in the broadcast studio, I focus on the arts and books world, interviewing creatives across the state for "Art Hounds" and indie booksellers across the country for "Ask a Bookseller."

Radio is one of my favorite formats for storytelling, and I love tapping my roots as a creative writer to tell stories that invite curiosity. Through radio, we hear stories that keep us informed or give us perspective in the midst of rapidly evolving headlines. My favorite stories invite us to see the world through another person's eyes, to share in their struggles and their joys. Don't forget the joy.

What’s happening in your community? I'd love to hear from you. | ebright@mpr.org