Minnesota's deputy Human Services commissioner resigns again

Chuck Johnson and Claire Wilson
Chuck Johnson, deputy commissioner for operations, and Claire Wilson, deputy commissioner for policy, reversed their resignations after former Commissioner Tony Lourey left his post. Now Wilson says she is leaving at the end of the week.
Courtesy Department of Human Services

For the second time in six weeks, a top administrator at the Minnesota Department of Human Services has announced her resignation.

Deputy Commissioner Claire Wilson is leaving the agency at the end of the week, according to an email that acting Commissioner Pam Wheelock sent to staff.

Wilson resigned last month, but then later rescinded the resignation after former commissioner Tony Lourey stepped down. Wheelock said Wilson agreed to stay to provide stability and continuity during the leadership change.

The department’s new commissioner, Jodi Harpstead, is scheduled to take charge of the agency next week.

In her own email to staff, Wilson said the decision to leave was difficult: “But I know this is the right decision for me, and I believe it is important for the agency to have a fresh start with Commissioner Harpstead,” Wilson wrote.

Deputy Commissioner Chuck Johnson, who also rescinded a resignation at the same time as Wilson, has agreed to stay on with the department under its new commissioner.

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