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How Biden is getting ready for his high-stakes debate with Trump
Thursday’s presidential debate is the first time – and one of the only times – voters will see President Biden and former President Donald Trump side by side ahead of November.
Trump will address influential evangelicals who back him but want to see a national abortion ban
Trump’s stated opposition to signing a nationwide ban on abortion and his reluctance to detail some of his views on the issue are at odds with many members of the evangelical movement. 
Woodbury disability advocate boosts airport accessibility nationwide
Woodbury resident Linda Hood has been advocating for adult changing tables in public restrooms for years. Recently, her efforts led to a change at the federal level that increases airport bathroom accessibility.
As floodwaters slowly recede in the town of Cook, residents brace for a long recovery
Northeastern Minnesota got a welcome reprieve from Mother Nature Friday. Sunny skies and dry, warm weather helped floodwaters receded in the town of Cook, where Gov. Tim Walz and other state officials visited to tour damage from the flooding that ravaged the small town this week.
Here’s the landscape 2 years after the Supreme Court overturned a national right to abortion
Two years after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the debate over abortion access is playing out in elections and the courts. The 2022 ruling has opened the door for implementing bans in most GOP-controlled states, and some of those bans are being litigated.
What's known, and not known, about the partnership agreement signed by Russia and North Korea
Both Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un say a new strategic partnership is a breakthrough, but what it means for their relationship is still uncertain.
Rep. Ilhan Omar works to fend off a second challenge from fellow Democrat Don Samuels
Former Minneapolis City Council Member Don Samuels lost to Rep. Ilhan Omar by just two percentage points in 2022. Omar won the DFL endorsement for a new term in May, but Samuels has pushed ahead to the August primary.
Why are so many Americans leaving church?  
Millions of Americans are leaving church in what some call the “great de-churching.” MPR News guest host Kelly Gordon talks about where they’re going and what’s behind the historic exodus from Christian congregations.
U.S. home prices have far outpaced paychecks. See what it looks like where you live
In nearly half of metro areas, buyers must make more than $100,000 to afford a median-priced home, a Harvard University report finds. And home prices this year reached a new all-time high.
U.S. acknowledges Northwest dams have devastated the region’s Native tribes
The U.S. government has acknowledged for the first time the harms that the construction and operation of dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers in the Pacific Northwest have caused Native American tribes.
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