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First lady Jill Biden to visit Duluth as Biden campaign launches outreach to older voters
First lady Jill Biden will visit Duluth on Thursday, as she kicks off her husband's outreach to older voters. The effort will blend rallies and phone banks with social events like bingo nights and pickleball games.
North Dakota voters say yes to age limits for Congressional candidates
A constitutional amendment approved Tuesday bars North Dakota politicians from Congress if they would reach their 81st birthday before the end of their term.
In North Dakota GOP primaries, U.S. Rep. Armstrong wins for governor and Fedorchak for House
U.S. Rep. Kelly Armstrong has won North Dakota's Republican primary for governor, while longtime public utilities regulator Julie Fedorchak has finished first in a rambunctious GOP race for the House seat he will vacate.
Trump could — and wants to — shake up U.S. foreign policy even more in a second term
Promising to revaluate NATO and reshape global trade, former President Donald Trump is crafting foreign policy that picks up where he left off after his first term and takes things to the next level.
Sandy Hook survivors to graduate with mixed emotions without 20 of their classmates
About 60 of the 330 kids graduating from Newtown High School will also be carrying the emotional burden of knowing that many of their former classmates won't get to walk across the stage with them.
Minnesota poll: Voters split on U.S. support of Israel’s war with Hamas, but it’s not a top issue
Minnesotans are divided over Israel’s military action in Gaza as it responds to the Oct. 7 Hamas attack, but it doesn’t appear to be a deciding factor for them in their November presidential vote, new poll results released Wednesday morning show.
Food waste composting is cooking in Minnesota — and helping curb climate change
Americans waste about one-third of all available food. Tossed in the trash, unused food creates the potent greenhouse gas methane as it decays in landfills.
What's next for Hunter Biden after his conviction on federal gun charges
Hunter Biden’s legal woes are not over after his conviction on three felony firearms charges in a trial that put a spotlight on his drug-fueled past. Now, President Joe Biden’s son faces sentencing, and another trial on tax charges in the middle of his father’s reelection campaign. 
How 2 unexpected wars are defining Biden's presidency
President Biden pulled U.S. troops out of Afghanistan and showed no desire for other military adventures. But the unexpected wars in Ukraine and Gaza have become defining issues of his presidency.
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