Esther Wojcicki, author of 'How to Raise Successful People'

Fifth graders listen to their industrial tech teacher.
Fifth graders listen to industrial tech teacher David Olson demonstrate how an LED light can be lit using voltage generated by different fruits in November 2013 at Falls High School in International Falls, Minn.
Derek Montgomery for MPR News file

High school teacher Esther Wojcicki speaks at the Commonwealth Club of California about her new book, “How to Raise Successful People: Simple Lessons for Radical Results.”

She organizes a framework for thinking about these lessons using an acronym: TRICK. T is for trust, R is for respect, I is for independence, C is for collaboration, and K is for kindness.

What is success? Esther Wojcicki’s definition includes having enough money to live, and having a passion and a sense of purpose in life. She says it’s important to work on something you care about, and is meaningful to you personally. Trust yourself, believe in yourself, feel in control, and don’t do things just because you care about what other people think.

Wojcicki teaches journalism at Palo Alto High School, and spoke about her book at an event held July 20 at the Commonwealth Club of California. She was interviewed by Roy Eisenhardt of the University of California-Berkeley Law School.

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