Climate One series: How pro-sports can be a player in climate change

U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis
U.S. Bank Stadium looms over closed streets in preparation for the Super Bowl in Minneapolis on Jan. 5, 2018.
Evan Frost | MPR News 2018

Americans spend $56 billion attending sporting events each year — but at what cost to the climate? From stadiums packed with energetic fans to food, beer and waste, sports can have a big carbon footprint.

Many sports franchises in baseball, hockey, basketball and football are embracing sustainability in venue design, waste, water, energy and food operations.

And some athletes are speaking out about the bigger world around them.

Could the core values of athletics — integrity, teamwork and commitment — be the same values that could tackle the climate challenge?


  • Dusty Baker, special advisor, San Francisco Giants

  • Roger McClendon, executive director, Green Sports Alliance

  • Jim Thompson, founder, Positive Coaching Alliance

This Climate One series hosted by Greg Dalton was recorded on Aug. 6, 2019, at the Commonwealth Club of California. Use the audio player above to listen to the full segment.

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