Not all cops are for Trump, say some officers

A dispute between the city of Minneapolis and its police union over a new policy banning officers from wearing uniforms in support of a candidate at political functions has made national headlines.

And the “Cops for Trump” T-shirt protest that followed has become a viral sensation.

A woman sits outside wearing a statement shirt.
Retired St. Paul police officer Lucia Wroblewski had a small order of Cops AGAINST Trump T-shirts made for her and law enforcement friends and will be wearing them outside president Donald Trump's rally, which is being held Thursday in Minneapolis.
Tim Nelson | MPR News

But other members of law enforcement say they’re disturbed by both the overt political sentiment expressed by Minneapolis police union leadership and the message it sends to the community, as well as by high-profile law enforcement support for President Donald Trump.

Former Minneapolis and St. Paul police officer Lucia Wroblewski, in fact, has printed up her own T-shirts: “Cops AGAINST Trump” is printed on one side, and “FOR the rule of LAW” on the other.

Wroblewski served for 28 years on the St. Paul force before retiring in 2017 and remains a licensed police officer.

“I heard about the T-shirts,” she said of the “Cops For Trump” apparel that the Minneapolis union is selling. “It just really, really made me sad, to think that all cops think that way.”

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Her protest doesn’t quite have the scope of the initiative launched by Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis President Bob Kroll, who has been making nationwide TV appearances about his union’s stance and drawing thousands of T-shirt orders from around the country.

Wroblewski says she’s had about a dozen of the “Cops AGAINST Trump” T-shirts printed up and she and some of her friends from law enforcement are wearing them to join the demonstration against the president outside his campaign rally at Target Center on Thursday night — at least the ones who aren’t working.

“They don’t like to make their political viewpoints known, but they are disturbed by all that’s happening,” Wroblewski says of officers she worked with. “I mean, these are cops, and they’re for the rule of law. And they see the rule of law being flouted.”