Another round of snow slows Minnesota travel Monday

A milder day before temperatures drop again

Monday starts off with some snowy roads for southern Minnesota, and more light snow moves across the state later Monday. Temperatures will be above average for the entire state.


The light snow that impacted southern Minnesota Sunday evening and moved out quickly into the overnight is still causing some snow on the roads and a few slick spots Monday morning.

weather graphic
Road conditions as of 7 a.m. Monday

Now, another round of light snow is headed for the state.

Already by later Monday morning, light flurries will start to move into northwestern Minnesota, then it spreads across the rest of the state through the day.

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Monday evening snow
National Weather Service

The last of it will clear out by Tuesday morning, exiting northern Minnesota last, where there could be some lake-effect enhancement to the snow. Most of the state will see 1 to 3 inches of snow, with western Minnesota seeing the lightest amounts and the North Shore seeing the most, at 3 to 5 inches, due to the lake enhancement.

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Snow through Tuesday morning
National Weather Service

For the Twin Cities, the snow is likely to begin early Monday evening, and end in the overnight, before Tuesday morning’s commute, leaving 1 to 2 inches.


Temperatures across Minnesota Monday morning are starting off mild for January, with most of the state in the teens.

Highs Monday will be 5 to 10 degrees above average for the entire state, with temperatures in the 20s and 30s.

weather graphic
Monday high temperatures
National Weather Service

More rounds of snow and colder temperatures will impact Minnesota the rest of the week. An extended forecast will be posted around 9 a.m.

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