Climate One series: How other countries are addressing climate change

Two giant concrete silos sit behind a placid river and fall trees.
The Prairie Island Nuclear Generating plant looms in the distance beyond a lock and dam on the Mississippi River near Red Wing, Minn., in October 2019.
Evan Frost | MPR News 2019

There are many options for reducing carbon emissions. What are some other countries doing to address climate change? Sweden, France, South Korea and Ontario have all taken steps to replace fossil fuels with nuclear, hydro and renewable energy, while China is expanding electric car and battery production.

A panel of speakers discusses who’s moving ahead and who’s moving backward in the transition to a clean energy economy, with a special focus on the challenges and opportunities presented by the use of nuclear energy.

Sonia Aggarwal: Vice president of energy at the consulting firm, Energy Innovation. Author of “Designing Climate Solutions.”

Joshua Goldstein: Professor emeritus of international relations at American University, and co-author of the book, A Bright Future: How Some Countries Have Solved Climate Change and the Rest Can Follow.

Staffan Qvist: A Swedish energy consultant and co-author with Joshua Goldstein of “A Bright Future.”

This is a program from the Commonwealth Club’s “Climate One” series hosted by Greg Dalton. Use the audio player above to listen.

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