The Warming House

Ep. 12: Bourbon, burgers and... Yoga! (Trust us, it works.)

A woman holds a yoga pose.
Kjirsten Fogelson, yoga teacher and founder of Colorful Movement.
Photo by Andy Reiland

Yes, we're talking about burgers again this week. But hear us out: we have seriously found the only other thing besides the weather (natch) that Minnesotans love, love, love to talk about.

It's burgers! Forget regional pride or school pride or the weird (although not unjustified) pride we all feel for surviving arctic, eyeball freezing temps. We get worked up about our favorite burger joint and the elements of a "good" hamburger in ways that deserve a cheerleading squad and mascot T-shirts. And all of us in The Warming House are happy to indulge this behavior! And so we give you *cues trumpets* The Great Minnesota Burger Bracket (GMBB)! Your chance to declare once and for all (er, until next March) Minnesota's best burger!

You can vote in this week's GMBB head-to-head matchups, King's Place in Miesville vs. Val's in St. Cloud and Patrick’s on Third in St. Peter vs. The Nook in St. Paul, here. And when you're done with that, listen to MPR News reporter Catharine Richert and English teacher Danny Parker debate the merits of two Rochester burger joints (Newt's and Hot Chip Burger Bar) with co-host Sean McPherson. They kicked off our whole March Madness burger bracket business with a real flame-broiled throw-down!

Sean also talked with Justin Sutherland, executive chef at Handsome Hog in St. Paul, about his expert burger opinions as well as the great BBQ and bourbon offerings he has at their pandemic-friendly outdoor patio and, of course, as carryout. Pro tip: If you want to get over and enjoy their outdoor ice bar, you'd better go this week! 'Cause, you know, the weather!

Our iconic vinyl pick for this week was Aretha Franklin Live at Fillmore West in San Francisco. Her third live album, it featured a good bunch of covers and even a surprise performance with James Brown. Sean said, Aretha is "stately. She’s singing better than you’ve ever heard a human being sing, and she still feels accessible. She feels human. You feel her heart, her lust, her frustrations." Respect!

Co-host Nina Moini joined in with our yoga teacher trivia participants, Kjirsten Fogelson and Chance York, who collaborated for a game that built upon the yoga-tastic Hindu greeting "namaste." Answers included: Namaste with Me (Sam Smith's best selling hit single from 2014) and Namastainless Steel (an iron-based alloy with at least 11 percent chromium). For our Smarter Than a Fitness Trainer game with fitness guru Omaur Bliss, Nina helped a talented 10-year old from Grand Marais snatch the applause sound-effect for her very own! (We spare no expense, people.)

The Warming House "advice-ologist" Sanni Brown talked about vaccine etiquette. Kjirsten Fogelson talked with Nina about her non-profit Colorful Movement and MPR's Radio Heartland producer Mike Pengra talked with Sean about the life and legacy of mandolinist and fiddler Peter Ostroushko, who we lost last week.

Guest List:

Kjirsten Fogelson, founder of Colorful Movement
Chance York, yoga instructor
MPR News Reporter Catharine Richert
Danny Parker, English teacher & burger enthusiast
Omaur Bliss, fitness trainer
Justin Sutherland, Executive Chef at Handsome Hog
Mike Pengra, Producer at Radio Heartland
Sanni Brown, TWH "Advice-ologist," The Current and Purple Current

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