Plymouth Middle School locked down following gunshots inside, no students hurt

Suspect taken into custody

A view of a parking lot outside of the school building.
Cars and police vehicles wait outside of Plymouth Middle School Monday, April 26, 2021.
Tim Nelson | MPR News

Update: 1:34 p.m.

Police say everyone is safe after a student shot a gun multiple times inside Plymouth Middle School this morning. The school remains in lockdown after the incident around 8:44 a.m. Investigations are underway.

The student was taken into custody without using any force, according to law enforcement.

Parents and caregivers are being connected with their children at the nearby Armstrong High school. District officials were sending students home for the day.

Plymouth Police Chief Erik Fadden says officers in the school heard the shots.

"They responded within the hallway. No injuries were reported,” Fadden said. “One person was taken into custody inside the building. We are not looking for any additional suspects at this time."

Fadden says officers recovered a weapon.

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Stephanie Burrage is the interim superintendent of the district. Burrage says there were more than students in the school today.

"The incident happened in a hallway outside of a bathroom. There were a few kids who did witness the incident, it was literally a few kids who witnessed the incident,” Burrage said. “I'm going to say to you — kids witnessed the incident. I'm going to say again — any child that has to witness that at school, it's going to be a challenging day."

Police and school officials provided an update around 11 a.m. at Plymouth Middle School. Watch the press conference video here:

Mother Breanna Moore, standing out in the parking lot, described frantically trying to find out what happened before getting her son on the phone and hearing from him that shots had been fired at his school.

She said she liked the school, where her son has been since 6th grade. "Not once have I had a problem at this school," she said. But she said she was switching him to distance learning following the shooting on Monday.