Photos: The State Fair is back this year and so are new fair foods

Banh Minn bun and Banh Minn bowl
New State Fair foods this year include the Banh Minn bun and Banh Minn bowl: Asian-inspired sausage in a crusty French baguette with Sister’s Sriracha sauce, shredded and pickled carrot, radish, chopped jalapeño and cilantro. The bunless bowl is topped with shredded and pickled carrot, radish, Asian slaw, chopped jalapeño, sausage slices, cilantro and Sister’s Sriracha sauce. Find it at Sausage Sister & Me.
Courtesy of Minnesota State Fair

Warning: Side effects of reading this story may include the sudden desire to snack.

State Fair officials on Tuesday announced more than two dozen new food offerings for this year’s Great Minnesota Get-Together.

The new lineup includes a bunless banh mi bowl, a hamburger with a waffle bun and Mexican street corn off-the-cob.

There are plenty of new desserts as well, including a jumbo doughnut sundae, an ice cream sandwich wrapped in a waffle and a smore-inspired funnel cake.

The fair was canceled last year due to the pandemic. But fair officials announced earlier this month that the 12-day event will return on Aug. 26 and run through Labor Day.

Now here's a look at all the new things you can eat this year if you head to the Great Minnesota Get-Back-Together.