Cooler with isolated thunder Wednesday

A mix of clouds and sun with a shower chance south

highs WED
Forecast high temperatures Wednesday
National Weather Service

Wednesday will be cooler with highs mainly in the 70s and low 80s. There will be increased cloud cover and the chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm, mainly in southern Minnesota.

Not as bright Wednesday

Wednesday will see less sunshine than Tuesday. Look for a mix of clouds and some sunshine.

Forecast cloud cover Wednesday into Thursday
College of DuPage Weather

An isolated shower or thunderstorm is possible — mainly in southern Minnesota Wednesday. Only an isolated risk will continue into Thursday.

Forecast precipitation early Wednesday through Thursday evening
College of DuPage Weather

Muggy air lingers

Dew points will be muggy again and that air will largely stick around until the weekend.

dews loop
Forecast dew points Wednesday into Friday
College of DuPage Weather

Higher dew points with occasional ‘ripples’ moving through aloft will touch off isolated and spotty storm chances.

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