Spotty thunder, partly cloudy Wednesday

Rain chances increase over next 36 hours

rain probs
Rain chances over the next couple of days across the region
National Weather Service

Spotty showers and a few thunderstorms are possible Wednesday, mainly in the northern half of Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin. The chances of rain expands and increases Thursday into Thursday night across most of Minnesota.

Showers mainly north Wednesday

An unsettled pattern remains over Minnesota Wednesday with the best chance of some showers and thunder for the northern half of Minnesota into northwest Wisconsin.

wed precip 8am
Forecast precipitation Wednesday
College of DuPage Weather

While an isolated shower or storm is possible in the Twin Cities, we should remain partly cloudy and overall dry. High temperatures should manage the low 80s again from the Twin Cities and points south where the drier and brighter weather will persist.

wed highs 8am
Forecast high temperatures Wednesday
National Weather Service

Northern lights visible Wednesday night?

A coronal mass ejection (CME) left the sun and reached earth Tuesday night. It’s a recipe for possible northern lights Wednesday night as it reacts with earth’s magnetic field, creating a geomagnetic storm. A CME doesn’t guarantee northern lights however as it has to align just right with our magnetic field.

CME strike
A minor CME (coronal mass ejection from the sun) strike measured Tuesday night

Peak activity looks to be Wednesday night as the KP index (used to measure activity) reaches a moderate to high level at 6 to 7 between 7 p.m. and 4 a.m. Wednesday night into early Thursday.

KP index
Forecast KP index (for potential aurora activity) Wednesday night
Geophysical institute University of Alaska Fairbanks

The possible visible aurora oval could reach into Iowa and Illinois even.

aurora oval
Possible visibility of the aurora (northern lights) Wednesday night
Geophysical institute University of Alaska Fairbanks

Of course, we need cloud cover to cooperate as well and that might be difficult. Much of Minnesota will have cloud cover overnight Wednesday night but there could be a few, occasional breaks if you really want to stay up and try to see them.

clouds loop 8am
Forecast cloud cover Wednesday into Wednesday night
College of DuPage Weather

Increase in shower activity Thursday and Friday

More widespread occasional scattered showers and thunderstorms develop late Thursday into Friday and Saturday along with quite a bit of cloud cover.

fri precip 8am
Forecast precipitation late Thursday into Friday
College of DuPage Weather

The clouds and showers will keep temperatures cooler, in just the low 70s potentially statewide Friday and Saturday. We should see more typical August weather return by Monday next week with more sunshine and highs back in the low 80s.

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