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Winona police seek new information to help search for Madeline Kingsbury

Winona police are asking property owners in two southeast Minnesota counties to report any information about old wells, homesteads and sinkholes on their land as authorities continue to search for Madeline Kingsbury.

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Madeline Jane Kingsbury
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The 26-year-old was reported missing after she failed to show up for work on March 31 and didn’t pick up her children from daycare.

Specifically, authorities are asking for information about wells from before 1925 and old homesteads in Winona and Fillmore counties, along with sinkholes that are accessible by car. They also would like information about any old windmills or windmill bases in those two counties.

Winona police said in an update Wednesday that “this information is not included in available records and could lead to new searches.”

Information can be sent to

Investigators also asked landowners in Winona, Fillmore, and Houston counties to put a blue checkmark in a visible location if they consent to a property search by volunteers. If they already searched their own property, investigators advised that landowners tie a blue ribbon on a mailbox or post to inform other volunteers. Officials said volunteers will also confirm permission with property owners before searching.

Volunteer searchers will be looking for Kingsbury, “something out of the ordinary” and signs of disturbances, police said. Volunteers won’t enter homes or other structures on the property and will follow all state and local laws and postings on the property.

Winona police said Wednesday that they “are not prepared” to identify a suspect or a person of interest in Kingsbury’s disappearance.

"We remain committed to finding Maddi and, if warranted, hold accountable the person or persons responsible for her disappearance," Winona police said.

Any tips or information about Kingsbury’s whereabouts can be shared with Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS or at A $50,000 reward has been posted.

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