Tracking the elusive sunshine; big weekend warmup

Spotty showers are still possible Wednesday

1p WED clouds
Forecast cloud cover midday Wednesday
National Weather Service

We’ll see peeks of sunshine but skies will be mostly cloudy Wednesday with a few spotty showers still. Thursday will bring more sun later in the day ahead of a big weekend warmup.

Where’s the sun?

We continue to see clouds from the weekend storm system. The center of the cutoff, upper-level low is just to the southeast, pushing clouds back in our direction from the east as the moisture rotates counterclockwise around the center.

sat loop
Infrared satellite imagery early Wednesday showing clouds flowing east to west into Minnesota.
College of DuPage weather lab

We’ll even see a few spotty showers still on Wednesday, especially in the midday and afternoon hours between peeks of sunshine.

precip WED 8a
Forecast precipitation 7 a.m. Wednesday through 10 p.m.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, via Pivotal Weather

Highs Wednesday will be in the upper 60s to low 70s in the northwest where there will be more sunshine.

wed hi 8a
Forecast highs Wednesday
National Weather Service

Thursday will start cloudy also with decreasing clouds later in the day. Friday should yield the most sunshine of the week.

clouds fcst
Forecast cloud cover 7 a.m. Wednesday through 7 p.m. Friday
College of DuPage weather lab

Highs Thursday will pop into the 70s for most with 60s lingering in northeast Minnesota.

thu hi 8a
Forecast highs Thursday
National Weather Service

July like temperatures for the weekend

We swap the upper-level low and its associated cool air with an upper-level ridge and very warm air. Highs Friday will be near 80 in southern Minnesota with highs into the 80s heading into the weekend.

fri hi 8a
Forecast highs Friday
National Weather Service

While we look to likely stay just below record high values, we’ll be more than 15 degrees above normal highs. Northern Minnesota will see cooler readings, mainly in the 70s, but that’s also well above normal.

MSP fcst norms
Forecast high temperatures along with normal highs and record highs ahead
Sven Sundgaard, National Weather Service data