Ask a bookseller

Every week, The Thread checks in with booksellers around the country about their favorite books of the moment.

Ask a bookseller: Print in Portland, Maine
Josh Christie's recommendation of the moment is for "the first book that's a deep dive into the activists of the Black Lives Matter movement and the police on the other side of these conflicts."
Ask a bookseller: The Learned Owl in Hudson, Ohio
Bookstore owner Kate Schlademan recommends this young adult novel for the holiday season: "It's one of those books that just really pulls at your heartstrings."
Ask a bookseller: Rediscovered Books in Boise
Bruce Delaney gave up his career as a physicist to open the bookstore. He normally reads a lot of history and science fiction, but a new YA book has caught his attention.
Ask a bookseller: Square Books in Oxford, Miss.
Bookseller Cody Morrison is excited that a pioneer woman's first-person account of life in the Mississippi Delta in the late 1800s has been put back into print.
Ask a bookseller: Literati Bookstore in Ann Arbor, Mich.
The owner of the Literati Bookstore recommends a book that traces the aftermath of a marketplace bombing in northern India: "It explores the indiscriminate nature of terror, which is extremely timely today."
Ask a bookseller: Left Bank Books in St. Louis
Bookseller Shane Mullen has two eerie, unsettling reads for your October book list. The first deals with a horror film gone awry in the Amazon and the second revolves around the mysterious disappearance of young twin girls.
Ask a bookseller: Phinney Books in Seattle
Tom Nissley says the hardest request he gets as a bookseller is when people say: "I want a happy book." But a newly released book fits that bill.