Feeding the Future

Agriculture in the Midwest is at a crossroads -- but there's no shared vision for the future of Minnesota's food system.

Photos: Minnesota farm family's corn harvest is labor of love
Nathan Collins calls the 10-hours-a-day fall corn harvest a vacation. Working the family farm at harvest time is far from easy, but it's a tradition with deep family roots.
Wet autumn tests farmers, delays harvest
It's been a wet fall, and Minnesota farmers are running behind on harvesting the state's two primary crops, corn and soybeans. The delay means harvest could bump up against the first snow.
Clueless consumers motivate agriculture educators to reach more students
Too many consumers are ignorant about where their food comes from and what it takes to produce it, say Minnesota's agriculture educators. But they say there's hope as more schools start community gardens and expose kids to food production at an early age.
CSA — with a twist — aims to create 'deeper understanding' of Hmong art, farmers
ArtCrop intends to highlight the importance that agriculture plays in the Hmong culture, while also drawing attention to the parallel challenges that artists and farmers face: That despite value in their work, both often struggle to thrive.
New co-op brings groceries, hope to north Minneapolis
It took 10 years, but a neighborhood food co-op is finally a reality. The doors are open now at Wirth Cooperative Grocery. Some, including an ex-NBA star from Minneapolis, hope it's the start of good things to come.
State Fair reflects trends in food and farming
If you're looking for trends in agriculture and consumer food tastes, what better place to visit than the Minnesota State Fair, where for over a hundred years Minnesota's farmers and foodies have been coming together.
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