Called to Fight

Violent extremists are again recruiting young Muslims in Minnesota. The call to terror continues to trouble federal investigators, Muslim faith leaders, and the nation’s largest Somali-American community.

Attorneys spar in ISIS appeal hearing
Three Twin Cities men are serving sentences of at least 30 years after being convicted in federal court of conspiring to murder overseas for the terrorist organization.
As life's pressures mounted, he left Minnesota for ISIS
Friends say Abdifatah Ahmed was depressed and financially strapped, but was no religious fanatic. Something happened, though, during a November 2013 trip to London. Ahmed never returned to his Minneapolis family. He would become the first Minnesotan to join ISIS.
Twin Cities man convicted for trying to join ISIS is released
Abdullahi Yusuf, convicted of attempting to join the terror group, has spent almost a year in a federal halfway house. He was released today. The judge cautioned Yusuf he may be ostracized by some in the Somali community.
Guled Omar: The path to ISIS and the story you haven't heard
Federal prosecutors have deemed him unfixable and irredeemable. He got the harshest sentence of any of the nine Twin Cities men who tried to join ISIS. But Omar's story is much more complicated than that.
Mom implores son to 'tell the government what you did' in ISIS case
The mother of one of the nine young Twin Cities men sentenced last week for their roles in a plot to fight for ISIS said she encouraged her son to tell the truth to the government.
Judge sentences three men to decades in prison in ISIS trial
A federal judge Wednesday sent three young Twin Cities men to decades in prison for their roles in a plot to leave the United States to fight for the terrorist group ISIS.