The Jacob Wetterling abduction

In 1989, 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling was abducted along a rural road in St. Joseph, Minn. In 2016, Danny Heinrich led authorities to the place where he buried Wetterling.

Court awards $17 million to victim of Jacob Wetterling's killer
Jared Scheierl was a 12-year-old Stearns County boy when he was abducted and sexually assaulted by Danny Heinrich, who nine months later would abduct and kill Jacob Wetterling.
Rassier lawyers want to talk to Wetterling killer for lawsuit against Stearns County
Attorneys for a man wrongly named a "person of interest" in Jacob Wetterling's abduction want to talk to the man who confessed to killing Wetterling 29 years ago in St. Joseph, Minn.
Victim of Wetterling killer testifies about deep scars left by assault
In an emotional hearing in the civil lawsuit he filed against his abductor, Danny Heinrich, Jared Scheierl spoke about the fear, anxiety and depression that's plagued him ever since the assault, affecting his work, his marriage and his children.
Cold Spring victim's lawsuit against Wetterling killer going to trial
Jared Scheierl, who was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by Danny Heinrich nine months before Heinrich kidnapped Jacob Wetterling, has filed a civil lawsuit against Heinrich for damages.
Stearns County sheriff candidates vow to make change, rebuild trust
County voters will decide Nov. 6 which candidate they think is best suited to lead an increasingly complex department whose reputation was battered in the fallout from the Jacob Wetterling investigation.
Ex-FBI agent will address criticism of Wetterling probe, detail feds' role
Steve Gilkerson, who worked on the Jacob Wetterling investigation in its earliest stages, will address recent criticism by the Stearns County sheriff at a Tuesday morning news conference.
In jail calls, Heinrich said he 'never touched anybody' after Wetterling
Transcripts of several phone calls between Danny and David Heinrich are among the 41,787 pages of documents from the Wetterling investigative file Stearns County released last week. In one call Danny Heinrich said he "was a monster back then, but I stopped."
The Wetterling case: What we know about Heinrich's 1990 arrest
More than 25 years before Danny Heinrich finally confessed to kidnapping and killing Jacob Wetterling, he was arrested and interviewed by investigators from the FBI and Stearns County.