Minnesota's efforts to fight climate change lose steam
Eight years ago, Minnesota leaders were out front in calling for more renewable energy and trying to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Lately, that push has faltered.
How climate change affects health in Minnesota
On a special edition of Climate Cast this week, Kerri Miller and Paul Huttner discuss the connection between climate change and our health.
As climate changes, cities grapple with big rains
Bigger storms are making culverts and other infrastructure inadequate, as Duluth learned in June 2012. Now, cities are taking steps to deal with more rain.
Tips to reduce your carbon footprint
Madalyn Cioci, from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, and Colin Beavan, otherwise known as "No Impact Man," join The Daily Circuit to offer tips.
Farmers adapt to big rains but send trouble downstream
Confronting more frequent heavy rains, the state's farmers have extended farmland drainage. Higher crop yields is one result. Another: More dirty water is flowing downstream.
What climate change means for Minnesota moose
Northeastern Minnesota has lost half its moose population in less than 10 years. Researchers don't know exactly why, but they believe climate change is likely part of the reason.
As state warms, a few spots keep their cool
Even as northern Minnesota gradually grows warmer, some scientists are trying to find and preserve "cold spots" to sustain pieces of what defines the north woods.
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