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S1E8: Is American identity shaped by the view from abroad?

President Trump won his office on the promise to always put "America First," enticing the many people who have personally experienced the downsides of globalization to support him.

But not all Americans were keen on pulling back our influence on the global community.

Flyover from MPR News
Flyover from MPR News
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Less than a year into Trump's presidency, global public trust in the U.S. has declined dramatically, according to the Pew Research Center:

Trump and many of his key policies are broadly unpopular around the globe, and ratings for the U.S. have declined steeply in many nations.

According to a new Pew Research Center survey spanning 37 nations, a median of just 22% has confidence in Trump to do the right thing when it comes to international affairs.

This stands in contrast to the final years of Barack Obama's presidency, when a median of 64% expressed confidence in Trump's predecessor to direct America's role in the world.

This week on Flyover, we're talking about how America — and Americans — are seen abroad.

Does it matter how other nations look at America? Is our identity at home at all shaped by the gaze from abroad?

This week's guests

John Radsan — Mitchell Hamline School of Law professor and former CIA assistant counsel.

David Kang — Director of the Center for International Studies at the University of Southern California.

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