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Linguist Anatoly Liberman on freshening up your vocabulary in 2020

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Oxford English Dictionary
An entry in the Oxford English Dictionary, defining a dictionary, pictured Sunday Aug. 29 2010. It's been in print for over a century, but in future the Oxford English Dictionary -- the authoritative guide to the English language -- may only be available to peruse online. Publisher Oxford University Press said Sunday that burgeoning demand for the dictionary's online version has far outpaced demand for the printed versions.

If your vocabulary is giving you an existential crisis, fear not. Linguist Anatoly Liberman has a few ideas for sprucing up your vocabulary in the new year and leaving Dictionary.com’s 2019 word of the year behind.

He joined MPR News host Kerri Miller to talk about the short shelf life of trendy words and the ever-evolving English language.

To listen to the full conversation you can use the audio player above.

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