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What’s happening to how we work?

A woman leans over a food counter while talking with a man.
Minneapolis labor standards division inspector Amir Malik provides information about safe and sick time to Lori James, co-owner of The Chewery in the Minneapolis City Hall.
Christine T. Nguyen | MPR News file

Paid sick leave dominates conversations on Capitol Hill and in our workplaces as the new coronavirus continues to spread. However, paid sick leave is far from a given. About 30 percent of private company employees don’t have paid sick days, setting them up to potentially choose between income and health.

But paid sick leave isn’t the only benefit that workers take into account. In today’s increasingly technological world, many employees — even those in so-called “good jobs” — are expected to do more with less. Is working more worth what you get?

Guest host Chris Farrell, senior economics contributor at Marketplace, talked with a sociologist and a management professor about how jobs — and all they entail — have morphed over time and what the future of work could look like.


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