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COVID-19: Hard questions, real answers with Mayo Clinic

Samples are tested for COVID-19.
Samples are tested for COVID-19 on March 3, 2020, at the Minnesota Department of Health.
Courtesy of Minnesota Department of Health

Editor’s Note: This conversation was part of a two-day national special, “COVID-19: Hard Questions, Real Answers” in partnership with WABE in Atlanta and distributed by American Public Media.

You can listen to the second part of the special here.

As medical professionals and public health officials race to tamp down the coronavirus pandemic, many Americans are shifting their routines. That includes working fewer hours or working from home — or even unemployment for some. As information about the virus evolves, people are looking for answers about how to keep themselves — and their loved ones — safe.

Meanwhile, hospitals are trying to solve the conundrum of protecting staff, preparing for a potential surge of patients and figuring out how to do all of that with equipment and supply shortages. MPR News host Kerri Miller spoke with two doctors from Mayo Clinic as part of our two-day national special, COVID-19: Hard Questions, Real Answers, about the science behind the virus, the country’s medical response and their advice to Americans as the crisis continues.


To listen to the full conversation you can use the audio player above.

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