First 70s: Warmest day so far in 2020 for much of Minnesota

Warmest day in nearly six months for much of Minnesota

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Temperature and dew point chart for the Twin Cities Tuesday
Temperature and dew point chart for the Twin Cities Tuesday

We earned it.

Temperatures hit 70 degrees at many spots in the Twin Cities and southern Minnesota Tuesday. The last time the Twin Cities hit 70 degrees was on Oct. 9, 2019.

The mild, springlike air mass that has been basking the central Plains for weeks finally made it all the way north into Minnesota Tuesday.

Temperatures Tuesday afternoon
Temperatures Tuesday afternoon
Oklahoma Mesonet

Cold front Wednesday

Tuesday was lovely — and fleeting. The weather maps are determined to remind us we live in Minnesota. And that it’s still early April.

Wednesday brings a brisk northwest wind pushing in colder temperatures and shoving the 70s southward once again.

Forecast high temperatures Wednesday
Forecast high temperatures Wednesday

Cold pattern lingers

Our inbound cold push is part of a bigger pattern change. Colder temperatures persist into next week.

Temperature forecast for Twin Cities
Temperature forecast for Twin Cities
NOAA via Weather Bell

A few models hint at potential rain or snow for southern Minnesota Sunday night.

Stay tuned.

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