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When Sen. Josh Hawley described what he called an attack on men and masculinity in a speech to the National Conservatism Conference a few weeks ago, it raised the question of whether or not masculinity can be defined. Certainly there are societal traditions, norms and expectations, but are those what he’s defending? 

Knowing how to be a man is increasingly vexing. Even the American Psychiatric Association is concerned. For the first time ever, they released in 2019 new guidelines for therapists specifically for working with men and boys

Musician Brett Newski understands the confusion about being a man. In the midst of his storied career playing with every ‘90s band you’ve heard of, he’s written a book called “It’s Hard to Be a Person” about his struggle with anxiety as well as his struggle with asking for help.  

Newski found some healing in the creative process and in reaching out to other men and feeling less alone, knowing he’s not alone. He joins host Angela Davis ahead of his show at the 7th St. Entry on Thursday night, to talk about managing his mental health as a man. Two Minnesota therapists who work with men on their mental health also join the conversation. 


  • Brett Newski is a musician and the author of the new book, “It’s Hard to Be a Person.” He plays at the 7th St. Entry in Minneapolis on Thursday night

  • Anesh Patel is a therapist in St. Paul who works on men’s issues.

  • Jacob Schuchman Falk is a therapist in Edina who also works on men’s issues. 

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