Helping kids find themselves through their stories

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A project in Minneapolis has been helping kids learn how to tell their own stories.
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For most of us, the pandemic has been draining, frustrating, confusing and overwhelming — but it’s only been one chapter of many. Meanwhile, for kids, COVID-19 has colored a good chunk of their lives.

There’s a project in Minneapolis helping them process all of that upheaval. It’s called The Wildling, and pre-pandemic, it operated in-person learning and listening sessions to support kids and teens in developing and sharing stories in their own voices.

Two of the leaders of the project joined host Cathy Wurzer to talk about their work and how it’s changed since March 2020. Megan Kaplan is a writer and journalist who founded The Wildling. Maribeth Romslo is a Twin Cities filmmaker who directs a partnership project with The Wildling called Story Booth.

Listeners also heard powerful stories from children who have worked with The Wildling.

Use the audio player above to listen to the stories and the full conversation.

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