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Minnesota archivist saves Ukrainian documents from destruction

A Ukrainian document.
This image from the Hill Museum and Manuscript library shows a 17th-century manuscript from the Vasyl Stefanyk Scientific Library in Lviv, Ukraine.
Daniel Gullo / Hill Museum and Manuscript Library

At least 53 cultural sites in Ukraine, including museums and religious buildings, have been damaged during Russia’s invasion, according to UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee. As the Russians rain down bombs across Ukraine, many are concerned digital documents like websites, photos and data will be targeted.

a notarial volume with damage from world war two
This notarial volume, shown in an image from the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library, has shrapnel damage from a 500-pound bomb dropped on Valletta during World War II. The original volume is dated 1545-1546.
Daniel Gullo / Hill Museum and Manuscript Library

Over 1,000 archivists are working to save Ukrainian digital cultural artifacts through the SUCHO project. Minnesotan Daniel Gullo, PhD., is one of them.

Gullo is the director of the Malta Study Center at the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library at St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota. But he’s volunteering his time to do this work in Ukraine — saving digital resources of the Bibliotheca Chersonessitana in Ukraine.

Host Cathy Wurzer spoke with Gullo about the project.

Use the audio player above to listen to the full conversation. 

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