'Lesbian goth foxes,' the story of Esmae and Mala

two foxes pose for a photo
Esmae and Mala are two bonded female foxes at SaveAFox Rescue in Faribault, Minn.
Courtesy of SaveAFox Facebook Page

Esmae and Mala are inseparable, says Mikayla Raines, a founder of SaveAFox Rescue in Faribault, Minn.

Taking the internet by storm, the two black-and-white bonded female foxes have been dubbed the “lesbian goth foxes.”

“They happened to bond with each other, which is super-rare for two unrelated female foxes to do,” Raines says.

Esmae and Mala have even inspired fan art and become a staple of the internet queer community.

Raines said the two foxes often exhibit behavior that is usually reserved for only a fox’s mate. Foxes are often monogamous, and for Esmae and Mala, there is no one else they’d rather be with.

“When we let them out in the morning they're just really excited to see each other and then they spend all day together — like they lay together and make calls to each other, so it's just very sweet,” Raines said.

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They also share snacks and toys, tending to one another and ensuring the other knows of their loyalty and support.

Recently, the two were separated. Esmae was recovering from a foot injury and had to stay inside. A few days ago, her foot had healed and she was able to go outside and see Mala.

After being loaded in her cage to head outside for her reunion, Mala ran to Esmae to greet her, and the two foxes chased and called to one another with glee.

“Animals don't really care about stereotypes or anything like that. They just love who they love, you know? And I guess that's just what I've seen, is Esmae doesn't care that Mala is a girl, it doesn't really matter to them. It’s just a cute and beautiful relationship,” Raines said.